Tuesday, January 31, 2006

1987 69 Releases

12-27 Buddy if you like our music go to the vet>Either You're A Cripple Or You Help Hurt Dogs
11-28 Thicknicksick>Lip Strip Trick
11-21 EoA-50>The best of the rest of the greatest hits of humanity
10-17 You, Me, Us & Them>Laying Bare All the Truth About Nothing
10-13 Das Swinebolt Wohnzimmer>45LB Frohliche Masquerade
10-13 The Eternal Fire of Darkness
10-01 Zanstones>Retro Preppie Bump Magnetism
10-01 Minoy\Zannoy>Condoms or Corpses
09-18 KRYNGE>Singe Binge
09-10 Unatoba>Catapults Dining With Shining China
07-11 Bwanastones>The Lamed Wufniks
06-14 Masters of the Ungentlemanly Art>Debunking of Tradition
05-31 Masters of the Ungentlemanly Art>Live Recombobulated Exquisite Corpses
02-01 ZaCommandoHo>Aromas Del Paraiso
01-01 Zanguts>40 x 47 x mud
01-01 Your Life Has Been Deserved by You
01-01 Unatoba>Gory Armadillos Ekzacting Chortles
01-01 Thicknicksick>Drip Drip Drip
01-01 (no mustache under his nose)>VASELINE
01-01 (no mustache under his nose)>SALIVA
01-01 (no mustache under his nose)>ARRESTRIAL
01-01 Unatoba>Magnificent Figure Formulating Manefestos
01-01 Masters of the Ungentlemanly Art>Unclean Brut
01-01 Masters of the Ungentlemanly Art>Midnight Flight to Ruin
01-01 Kimik Mystev>Dahlean Death
01-01 Kimik Mystev>Dahlean Life
01-01 The Portentous Portal to Cephalic Satiation
01-01 The Portentous Portal to Cephalic Creation
01-01 Zanstones>Sifting Central Sockets
01-01 Unatoba>Soft Ceetie Shoulder Credential
01-01 Unatoba>Unendorsable Substitute
01-01 Your Life Has Been Conserved for You
01-01 Your Life Has Been Observed By You
01-01 You, Me, Us & Them>The World Sweats Into Our Brains
01-01 You, Me, Us & Them>Undermining Oversights
01-01 INC>Commedia Del Arte
01-01 Zanstones>Calypso Catastrophe
01-01 Kenandall>Blatant Insinuation
01-01 Hokamaza>Polka of the Kozan Brothers
01-01 You, Me, Us & Them>Knowing is 5/8ths the Battle
01-01 Mystic Lions>Slumber Under the Red Sun
01-01 Doh Red Sun>Streaks Across the Western Sky
01-01 Factories Astir
01-01 Factories in Flux
01-01 Devi's Augur>Fiery Mist
01-01 Devi's Augur>Puzzling Portent
01-01 As the Lumbering Castles Foundation Rumbles
01-01 Sub Sonic Blast
01-01 The Best of Zidsick>Feeling Groovy
01-01 Sinking Shamonic Submarines
01-01 Sub Sonic Slam
01-01 Minoy\Zannoy>Monochrome Melodrama
01-01 You, Me, Us & Them>Hoping Oblivion Doesn't Stain
01-01 Thicknicksick>Slicktrickflick
01-01 Zanstones>What IZamik?
01-01 Zidpigtones>The Rad Sounds of PigShit in Your Ear
01-01 XYZ Blurs>Glad Meat Rags
01-01 Mimik>Scornful Morass
01-01 Minoy\Zannoy>Loss Of Memory Dub: Sodomy in the Supreme Court Lobby
01-01 Subdubminblast>eoa12
01-01 MIZA>Ouch eoa14
01-01 Minoy\Zannoy>The Persistence of Memory eoa15
01-01 ZAMI>The Etiquette of An Industrial Trauma eoa13
01-01 Minoy\Zannoy>Kerd One
01-01 Minoy\Zannoy>Why Jake Hobo Ate Whey
01-01 Minoy\Zannoy>Chicago K-Mart Call
01-01 M(minoyzanthropy)>or Z15(12)M
01-01 Inverse Zanmintones>eoa19

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