Tuesday, January 31, 2006

1994 10 Releases

12-01 Bodycocktail>Don't Give the People What They Want
12-01 Bodycocktail>Because it is a World of Desire as Well as Need
11-19 Themes for Complications II>Dead Ashes Whisper
05-01 Bodycocktail>The Z Files
03-27 Zan Francisco>Casa del Paco
01-01 Zanoisect>A Room Full of Broken Toys a.k.a. Mad Scientist Loop Machine
01-01 Zanoisect>Hi-Lo Ice Slam
01-01 Zanoisect>Smoldering Embers Ignite
01-01 Runzstopblackout
01-01 DFWZH9394>Foolish Senile Bisons, Drunken

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